Thank you. Brenda has been wonderful....
JH, Riverdale
Thank you. Brenda has been wonderful....
JH, Riverdale

Mother Nurture is a unique home care service...

...for women who have just had a baby. More than a "baby nurse" service and more than a housekeeping service, Mother Nurture combines the best aspects of both and adds the concept of Doula. "Doula" means "mothering the mother." The idea behind a doula is that a mother whose own needs for nurturing are met is free to learn to nurture and mother her own baby. When you sign up with Mother Nurture you will be assigned your own personal doula who will be there for you when you come home from the hospital.

Mother Nurture was incorporated in New York State in 1987, making it one of the oldest doula companies in the country. We service New York City as well as Long Island.

(Please Note: If you live outside our service area and are interested in finding a doula in your community, you may contact the National Association of Postpartum Care Services at 1-800-45-DOULA.)

What do Doulas do?

Doulas do what you would do if you hadn't just had a baby. This frees you from worry about these tasks so you can concentrate on mothering your new baby. Examples of services doulas provide are cooking, shopping, doing dishes and laundry, taking older children to the park or their soccer practice, and bringing your husband's suit to the tailor.

Doulas also give supportive advice about breastfeeding and baby care and are reflective listeners when "talking through" the childbirth experience. Many women are comforted by having a special (woman) somebody there just for them.

How does Mother Nurture work?

Some time before your due date you fill out a Mother's Need Outline. This is your application for Mother Nurture's services in which you describe the kind of support you will need after the baby is born. One of Mother Nurture's directors will the contact you to go over your outline.

After you are matched with a suitable doula (doulas are available on a weekly basis, minimum 3 hours/day) you will be contacted by her and she will visit you before the baby is born. The purpose of this visit is to become acquainted as well as for the doula to become familiar with your home environment.

When your doula's employment period is completed, she will leave you with information on support services for mothers in your community. The doula and one of the directors are also available for phone calls after the employment period is over.

Baby already born? You have no time to request a Mother's Needs Outline. Please call us now to see if any doulas are unassigned to clients who contracted with us while pregnant.

How can I get started?

Just fill out the initial contact form, and one of Mother Nurture's directors will contact you. You can also phone Mother Nurture at (718) 631-BABY or email us at doulacomp@aol.com.

(Please note: Referrals to childbirth classes and labor assistants are also available through Mother Nurture.)

P.S. Why not show this website to the baby's grandparents if they ask about a useful gift for their new grandchild? Gift Certificates are available.